Kitchen furniture

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The three pillars of the kitchen is the sink, the refrigerator and the stove. Therefore, they must be designed that their use do not cause unexpected discomfort. The ideal distance should be no more than six meters between these three devices. We prepare you the most practical kitchen where the cooking is really an experience.
Everyone has cooking habits which could be sometimes surprising, however, there are rules which have to be observed in all cases:


  1. The sink and the stove do not park in the corner! It must be at least 40 cm from the corner that it can be used comfortably.

  2. The counter which is necessary to cook and bake have to be near the refrigerator.

  3. The dishwasher must be signed at the beginning, and everything else must be establish by comparison! If you later change your minds about the location of the sink, the plumbing work will cost a lot.

  4. Place the dishwasher near to the sink!

  5. The distance between the stove and sink must be only a few steps.

  6. The stove have to be mounted preferably on the outer wall!